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Like any other kind of machine, cars are prone to mechanical failures and other kinds of problems. One of the major kinds of problems that cars encounter are transmission problems. When this occurs, it is necessary to have auto transmission repair work done. A car’s automotive transmission system is very complex. There is always the chance that there can be problems or glitches. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you take your car to a professional anytime your car’s transmission needs to be repaired. However, the following are some good and basic tips that can help you resolve any preliminary issues you might have.

Expert Transmission Repair

The key elements that are responsible for a vehicle’s transmissions problems include the gears, filters, transmission fluid and bell housing. This results in either the car not running smoothly or not moving at all. Therefore, a basic diagnosis of your car needs to be performed in order to determine what the exact problem is. The following are some of the major problems that a car’s transmission can have:

Transmission Fluid Leak

Fluid related problems are where most of the troubles are for the gearbox. There are several different things that can cause transmission fluid to leak, including poor installation, defective pan gasket, loose filler tube or broken seal. This can result in the car’s systems becoming damaged. A vehicle’s transmission system gets exposed to extremely high temperatures, so it may experience lots of wear and tear, and eventually break down. This may cause fluid to leak. Having your transmission fluid changed along with using a sealant on broken parts can help to prevent problems with the car and allow your car’s machinery to not become damaged and work efficiently.

Slipping Transmissions

This is the second most common problem that is experienced by a car transmission. Nine times out of ten the problem will occur due to an irregular increase in the engine’s RPM, that takes place with sudden down-shifting (a car traveling at high-speed being shifted abruptly into a lower gear without changing speeds) and a delay in the acceleration of the car. This results in the car having unusual jerky movements while changing gears. To sort these kinds of problems out, the best option is to check your transmission fluid levels on a regular basis and repair or replace the engine’s broken vacuum lines.

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Another major problem that needs to be avoided to prevent transmissions problems is overheating. Carrying heavy amounts of weight or stop and go on a continuous basis in heavy traffic can trigger the engine temperature and cause blockage within the fluid cooler lines. It can also harden the transmission system’s rubber seals and bend metal parts which may create fluid leaks. Therefore, appropriate measures need to be taken so that your car’s engine doesn’t overheat.
In terms of auto transmission repair, there are several different options that are available to you. Each will have different costs. I would now like to give you some advice regarding how to select the best auto transmission repair option for your vehicle.

You can basically have your transmission rebuilt, repaired or have a complete replacement if there is severe damage. In general, a complete replacement will be the most expensive option. However, if your transmission needs to be rebuilt completely, it will be necessary to spend thousands of dollars on intensive labor and parts, and therefore isn’t any cheaper than buying a new transmission. Fortunately, a fluid change and a couple of minor repairs only costs a few hundred dollars.

In terms of repairing the transmission, it just involves needing to replace or fix a certain minor component without needing to rebuild the whole body. Therefore, if there is serious damage to the transmission, it will need to be disassembled and inspected, and damaged or worn parts will need to be replaced before being reassembled according to factory specifications, in addition to having new bands, clutches, seals and gaskets. This process is referred to as a “rebuild.” The rebuild process, as previously mentioned, requires a lot of labor and can result in very high costs. A full replacement might be a better option.

Rebuilt Transmission Repair

There are two main options when it comes to a full replacement. You can either buy a new transmission or a remanufactured transmission when the “new” transmission isn’t available from any other source due to it only being used to produce new trucks and cars. A remanufactured transmission is really the same thing as a rebuilt transmission with the exception that the work is performed in a factory setting. Your other option is to have a used transmission installed, which will save a lot on labor and money. This will usually cost hundreds of dollars less than a rebuild. However, the warranty will not be as good, so there is a trade-off that needs to be made.